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Welcome to our online tutorials!

Professionally filmed classes with Petals Bakehouses very own cupcake artist, Alice Ward.

Whether you are a beginner with a passion for baking and keen to learn a new skill, or an experienced baker looking to take your floral artistry to the next level, we have something for everyone.

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Cluster Of Flowers
Cluster of Flowers - Featuring Mini Roses & Tulips

Cluster of Flowers - Featuring Mini Roses & Tulips

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Using a variety of piping tips, Alice creates a beautiful little cluster of flowers featuring mini roses and tulips.


Price £7


Duration 27 mins


Difficulty level: Medium


Nozzles required:

GG1062 (for left handed use - GG1061)
352 (Leaf nozzle)
Mini tulip nozzle (Any) - In this video Alice uses the Night Jasmine Nifty Nozzle (only available from Sugar & Crumbs)

Nozzles are available to buy from (ships worldwide)

PLEASE NOTE- This video does not show Alice making the buttercream. The buttercream recipe & Method can be purchased on the website and can be found in the Digital Downloads section.


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