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Alice shares her much loved Vegan Cupcake & 'Perfect for Piping' Vegan Buttercream recipes in this detailed 4 page long document which is full of useful tips including how to acheive those  smooth ruffle free petals that Alice is known for and advice is also given on the important method of making the 'buttercream' so its just right for floral cupcakes.

In this guide you will also learn about different flavor variations for the cupcakes as well as how to make this recipe Gluten free.

This recipe has been adapted over several years and now Alice feels the time is right to share in the hope it will help others who are struggling with finding a recipe they are happy with.

Please note - A specific vegan butter is used in this recipe which is available from most UK Supermarkets and may not be available in other countries.


This is a PDF Download and not a video tutorial

Vegan Cupcake & Buttercream Recipe PDF

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